Understanding Roof Inspection: Everything You Need to Know

One of your home’s most crucial components is the roof. It shields your family from the sweltering heat, inclement weather, and bothersome animals. The roof is occasionally overlooked despite its significance. We frequently ignore that it is susceptible to various factors and that its shape needs to be examined. A routine roof inspection is required to keep your roof in good condition.


You may assess the state of your home’s roof with a roof inspection. This will determine whether any problems need to be fixed, whether objects out of position can harm your roof, and whether your roof can weather the test of time.


How Frequently Should a Roof Inspection Be Scheduled?

The answer to how frequently you should have your home inspected is annual. A roof inspection should ideally be planned at least once each year. Inspecting your roof each year, especially if your region frequently sees strong winds, is imperative.


This project can be started in the early fall or spring before the amount of rain and snow increases. By performing an annual check, you can identify roofing problems early and avoid having to make costly repairs.

What Are the Prices for Roof Inspections?

An inspection of a roof typically costs roughly $210. However, the price might vary from $75 to $800 depending on the style of your roof, the materials used, and how thoroughly it is inspected.

Roof Inspection Types

Depending on the roof inspection you choose, there are various types and rates for them.


Roof Examination in Person

A person must climb onto the roof to conduct this kind of inspection. The most straightforward type of roof inspection, this one is appropriate for homes that aren’t very tall. The average price for this roof inspection, which primarily depends on visuals, is between $75 and $200.


Roof Inspection by Drone

If climbing onto the roof would be too dangerous, the homeowner could choose to have a drone survey the roof instead. The house’s exterior is surveyed by a drone, which records images and videos to determine whether any problems require fixing. Homes with steep or impassable roofs should use this.

Roof Infrared Inspection

Infrared technology is used during this roof inspection to seek damage indicators that are otherwise difficult to see with the naked eye. Small leaks and cracks are included in this. A standard house inspection is more expensive than an infrared roof check. Costs range from $400 to $600.


What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

Every part of the roof will be carefully inspected during the roof inspection to check for any damage or other concerns that need to be fixed. An assessment of a roof includes:


Structural Inspection

The structural inspection will evaluate the durability of the entire roof system. The inspector will search for any indications, such as cracked, splintered, or rotten rafters or trusses, sagging ceilings, missing or broken collar ties, missing or damaged rafter ties, and tilting or leaning external walls, depending on how the roof planes are put out.

The main objective of the inspection is to assess the condition of the roofing system’s essential parts.

Material Inspection

The roof inspector will examine the employed roofing materials, such as shingles, metal plates, clay, or slate shingles. The inspector will check for any damage, missing components, rust, moss stains, and any signs of water damage. They will inspect the flashing beneath the roofing material for any indications of leaks, cracks, or pests.

Interior Inspection

This part of the roof inspection focuses on any indications of roof deterioration that aren’t apparent from the outside. The inspectors will look for evidence of the damage such as water stains, wood rot, mold, holes in the walls or ceilings, beams of light coming into the attic from the ceiling, and even vermin in the attic when inspecting the ceilings, attics, and walls throughout the inside of the home.


Home Inspection vs. Roof Inspection

A home inspection provides information about the actual state of the property. A roof examination during a house inspection may be present, but it won’t be as thorough as a separate roof inspection. A roof inspection is for you if you wish to concentrate on the roof problems with your home.