Wind mitigation inspections do more than give West Central Florida homeowners peace of mind.

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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Floridians are well-versed in protecting our homes from hurricane-related wind damage. We secure doors and windows, fill up sand bags, and clear our yards of loose debris.

But most people forget about the biggest area of protection for their home: the roof.

Your realtor or home inspector might have recommended that you get a wind inspection, but what is it? And—more importantly—why is it so important?

The inspection report will examine seven areas:

Construction Year

 the year your home was built, which tells the home inspector how strict the building codes were

Roof Covering

the type of roof covering (shingle, tile, etc.) and age of the roof

Roof Decking

the material your decking (i.e. the material your shingles are nailed to) is made of, the type of nails securing the shingles, and how far apart the nails are

Roof To Wall Attachment

the method used to attach the roof to your walls

Roof Shape

the shape and slope of your roof

Secondary Water Resistance

the type of material between the shingles and roof decking

Opening Protections

whether you have additional protections on openings such as sunroofs, garage doors, windows, etc

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